Zen Gardens

Our Bestselling Mini Zen Gardens

We have a whole blog post about why you should use a miniature zen garden. There are many benefits to introducing mindfulness to your space and we encourage you to try it out! 

They make great gifts for many different people including school counselors, therapists, office workers, and even the workaholic. You can give these as gifts for new employment or as a housewarming gift. 

 zen garden collage

Packaged as a kit

Our mini zen garden's come packed as a kit creating a fun unboxing experience! Choose which one fits best for you and enjoy the experience of unpackaging and putting it together. The miniature zen garden is very versatile and customizable! Have fun with it and share with us how you use yours! 

 zen garden packaging


Giving back

We are in the process of manufacturing zen gardens to be included in our How We Give Program. For items in this program, 20% of the sale will go to first responder and military helping organizations. We expect to have our Blue First Responder Zen Garden available for purchase by 11/1/2022! 



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