Mini Zen Garden in Office Space

Why You Should Use a Mini Zen Garden

        Miniature zen gardens are miniature trays filled with sand and objects like rocks and greenery. Now, if you are familiar with sand tray therapy you may want to start relating the two concepts. However, they are surely a bit different in concept. In sand tray therapy there are figurines and a goal towards forming a story and finding solutions. In a miniature zen garden the goal is not uncovering, expressing, or understanding something. Instead, interacting with a Zen garden promotes mindfulness, concentration, and relaxation. However, the best part is that the product alone is so versatile, at the end of the day, you can use it however you want. 

          How it works is simple. Use the rake for grooming the sand however you see fit. Next, place the rocks and greenery into the sand tray, also however you see fit. There is no right or wrong way to set up your Zen garden. It is all personal preference and it is meant to be used regularly rather than set and left for appearance. Not only will it look pleasing to you but it will be satisfying to care for your miniature zen garden. The act of simply combing the rake through the sand is naturally calming and allows the mind to focus on the act. These products are perfect for practicing mindfulness and taking a moment for relaxation.

          Just as it can be used at home this is a perfect item for the office. Work environments can be overwhelming and stress inducing a times. These are the exact moments that we really should be combating with calming techniques but we typically don’t have the ability to do that in those moments. A miniature Zen garden is great for those very moments. They can help reduce anxiety by calming the mind and giving you an activity to focus on.

          Miniature Zen gardens also make good gifts for a variety of people. They can be useful tools for assisting with coping and attention deficit. They work well in school classrooms or administrative offices. Miniature Zen Garden’s can also be used simply as interactive home décor pieces because they can create a calming atmosphere and be styled differently. Take a look at our Beach Zen Garden, our standard Zen Garden, or our Blue zen garden.


Small Mini Zen Garden on Desk
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